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The team at iNewZ.TV brings you the latest local news from Grand Forks County, ND, and Polk County, MN. We bring you the news that matters from your own backyard.

Our local news videos cover stories from big cities and small towns in eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota. We have a team approach to local news. We have partners in various cities across the region to bring you the latest information from reporters directly on the scene.

We cover all kinds of stories. You’ll find hard-hitting, breaking news about local crime, weather, and events. You can also find human interest pieces, including local feel-good stories you won’t see on big news networks. We report on stories that matter to residents of Grand Forks County and Polk County.

Local news reporting brings you the stories that nobody else can. We break local stories first because we’re already familiar with the area and close to where all the news happens. You can get stories about home from local news — even if you’ve since moved away to another city.

Our local news video feed constantly updates with the latest news stories. We produce several videos a day so the feed always has something new. When you use iNewZ.TV, you get the latest updates.

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